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Rains drops flush off impurities

Truth of life

When drops of rain fall from sky, almost everything flush off with it. Only the thing that even drops of rain cannot clean is the impurity of few minds in this world.

Sometimes it is really difficult to ignore things, though it’s the only solution to solve such problems.


Environment Day

A day celebrated to spreadĀ  awareness about the environment today we all are living in..
Nature has indicated us time to time with all the calamities.. like earthquake, cyclone and locust attack etc but what people are doing… They’re not taking it seriously. We all should leave the nature so that it can heal the damage by itself.
_if you disturb the nature, nature will do the same with you_

The Horrible trip to Goa (part-4)


Click the link below if you didn’t read the previous parts:

Part 1:


Part 3:

Plot: They were just near to their destination. The resort was very different from other places. Aranabh spooked by the hard looks of the servant. They spended that night easily but the actual climax was awaited for the next day.

Let’s see what happens next

Entry to the resort

(The servant of the resort welcomed them with a haunting looks. Drops of blood floated from his head. This made Aranabh a little scared)

Aranabh( deliberately asked the waiter): hello!!… you’re hurt. What happened with you? Is there anybody inside who tried to kill you?

Servant( in hard tone): No.. It’s not mine blood…

Arnabh( in a tremble voice): then.. whose blood is this?

Servant ( took 1 minutes to respond): mouse…. It’s mouse blood.. I killed him because he made me to do so.

( He gave a sharp look to Arnabh. Arnabh started feeling threatened by the servant)

Sanjay: friends… let’s enter…

Servant: This is the key of your room..

(He immediately moved to the room very close to the entry gate without saying a single word. The room looked very dark and odd from outside.)

Sanjay tooked the key and they all moved to their room.

Sanjay: oh…woowh… Guys look at this place. How beautiful it is? I never thought that I would ever got a chance to visit such a beautiful place in my life. I think, it’s unpredictable that we’ll meet any beldam and soul or not but definitely we got an opportunity to make relief our eyes with the beautiful views of this environment. Don’t you think so?

Jackie: ya…you’re absolutely right. I also loved this place. Sanjay, your decision to choose this resort is prestigious…my charm.

Sanjay( looking to Aranabh): Aranabh… Is that everything ok with you? Don’t be afraid. There is no soul…no beldam. As you know, beldam was killed by Ritesh. Do you remember that?

Aranabh was actually thinking about the beldam. He was asking himself the question like, is it safe to stay here?…is there still any beldam and souls? And what about the souls? Ritesh didn’t talked about souls.. I think, still there is something that is unusual...

Aranabh: No… I’m little tried.. I want to take rest.. that’s it.

Sanjey(in the room): look guys. It’s awesome. I can’t believe that people don’t like to come here..bcz they think, it is haunting. But if you ask me…would you like stay here forever even if there any soul then my answer will be yes…. I just love this place. Ha…ha..

Jackie: Oh… Okay..Sanjay..stop saying this nonsense. We’re tried and hungry, so please order something to eat.

Sanjay: okay! Dude.

(Sanjay called the servant and ordered fish thali, prawns balchao and dhonas. But the servant notified him with the availability of fish thali in the menu only. He then ordered three fish thali for the dinner.)

(After finishing the dinner they were talking about the project. How to start, where to start and when to start.)

Aranabh: emhh…. SanjayJackie… Can we talk this tomorrow? I want to take some rest.

Sanjay: ya sure. You’re right. We should talk tomorrow.

(At midnight Aranabh felt that someone is staring him outside the door. And the door is opening a little by itself. He then walked through the door and found nothing. Then he locked the door and went to his bed. It took him an hour to take his eyes off comfortably without the thought of souls and beldam.)

(In the next morning they ordered breakfast to the servant of the resort on the telephone. But he said there is nothing today for breakfast.)

Aranabh: See guys.. This is very beautiful place for sure.. But I think it’s not good to stay here because it’s not like the other place we visit every year. It’s very different.

Sanjay: Exactly… That’s the reason why I chosen this place for our research continuation.

Jackie: okay guys… Leave this and let’s move outside to explore this area. This will help us to interact with people living near by this hotel and it will be a good idea to know more about this hotel. We are hungry you know we didn’t got our breakfast. Okay! Let’s see what we get from outside.

(While searching for restaurants they met a very old woman plucking in the garden. Jackie asked the old lady to give direction of nearby restaurants.)

Jackie: hello… Ma’am.. We’re searching for a restaurant. Is there any restaurant nearby? Could you tell me the direction?

Old lady: ya sure.. There is a very popular hotel named “Regenta Cuisine” just half kilometres from here.

Jackie: thank you so much for the help ma’am.

Old lady: My pleasure… I’ve seen you three for the very first time. Where are you from and where are you staying?

Sanjay: Ma’am that hotel…. you can see….. “Goa’s haunting hotel”. There we’re staying.

Old lady: what? why did you came here? It seems that you don’t care your life.

Jackie: sorry… I didn’t understand.

Old woman: Boys… This is a very dangerous place. I’d advise you to move out from there as soon as possible because you all three are very close to your death.

Sanjay: let’s go guys…Why you’re listening to her. She is just misleading us. Leave her.. She is old… she say anything that doesn’t make sense.

Old woman: ok then… Leave my garden right now. It seems that you don’t care and respect elders. I just warned you… Now it’s up to you, how you care yourself.

(After this they went for breakfast in the “Reganta Cusine” suggested by the old woman and they came back to the resort at midnight after roaming around nearby spots and having dinner)

Scene at hotel

Sanjay: Hey, guys.. where did the servant gone? Let’s go to our room and call the servant to clean our room.

Jackie called the servant but he didn’t received the call. Suddenly, the main entrance of the hotel sounded terribly. Someone is there slamming the door. They were scared and wondered who can be there outside the door. They suddenly came down to see the issue. Sanjay is just going to open the door but….

Sanjay: oh… I’m sure this is the servant, who slammed the door so badly.

The moment Sanjay raised his hand to open the door, the door opened by someone else. That was the servant who opened the door. Someone there standing behind the servant.

Snajay, Jackie and Arnabh got shocked by the scene they saw.

One by one four beldams dressed black attire entered the resort silently and the last beldam slammed the door. They entered the room close to the entry gate and locked the door.

Sanjay: Jackie… Where is Aranabh?….

Both of them searched Aranabh here and there, but didn’t found Aranabh in the entire hotel. Then they decided to go out for searching him.

Where did Aranabh gone?…. Did he escape out from there or the truth is something else…

Stay tuned to know the truth. And share your views with me in the comment box.

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The Horrible Trip to Goa(part-3)

If you haven’t read the part 1 and 2 yet, then here is the link below. Click and read the previous parts. This will build a connect with the story.



Plot: Two days later, they have a flight to goa. Everything was pretty good just before the entry to that haunted hotel. They were enjoying the views of goa. Sanjay was so excited to see the truth of Ritesh’s story, if his story is true then there might be some unusual things to happen there and he can feel that unusuality as a paranormalist whether there exit any beldam and spirits or not. The scene turned out to a disaster.

Let’s see what happens next:

On the day of their flight

(After all the process done, they were discussing about the stuffs required for their research)

Sanjay: guys…have you packed everything thing….like camera and laptop. Because we have to continue our project there.

Jackie and Arnabh: ya…ya… We have packed everything. You don’t worry.

Jackie: Arnabh…. Arnabh… What happen to you? Why are you so stressed? Is that everything ok with you, my friend…

Arnabh: No…no.. Everything is fine.

Sanjay: Arnabh.. Plz tell us! what happened to you. You’re not sounding ok.

Arnabh: well! I’m little worried about my exams. I’ve got very low CGPA in my previous year. I thought this time I will give my 100% to studies. I will make my parents proud of me but this seem a little difficult to me now.

But you know what guys, I thanks to both of you for supporting me and making every single concept clear and simple for me that I didn’t get.

For me, it was very difficult to understand the hard concept of paranormal science, specially when you belongs to a rural area where, there is no facilities, no support, no money and no tutions.

Sorry…Sanjay to say you this that I think you’re stepping to a wrong way. I think we should believe.. “what did Ritesh said”, has something to have a trust at least.
I don’t know why you don’t trust your friend, whom you know from childhood.

Sanjay: No… Bro.. You don’t need to be sorry for that. I respect what you think for me. Arnabh.. I appreciate your hardwork by heart my friend. I know it was very difficult to you, to understand the concepts of paranormal science earlier when you were very new to this, but it has been two years of our academic and now you’re not that the same Arnabh, the introvert, unconfident and ignorant. Now you are able to understand and learn things by your own. And one more thing to tell you… Brother what you’re doing?.. what you’re going to become few years back?.. Well, I think you want to become a paranormalist for sure. But, what if you don’t have the experience? Then what?…

For becoming the part of paranormal activity you must have some experience.

And you said, I don’t trust Ritesh.. It’s not that true. I ignored his story to trust just because to book our trip only otherwise he would not like to book our trip as he don’t wanted us to go there.

Jackie: Arnabh.. He is absolutely right. We must have some experience to paranormal activities. And that place is just perfect for us to do research on the same. Don’t you think so?

Arnabh( in a deep tone): yes.. Jackie. Sorry, Sanjay for the blame I putted on you. Now I will do the best, buddy…

Sanjay: yey… that’s alright bro. I know you’ll do that.

(After few minutes their flight landed on goa)

The next part will be published very soon. Stay connected with me.

I’d like to thanks every single person who liked my story. This appreciate me to do much more better.

Hope this story didn’t bored you. If you have any suggestions, plz.. comment here, I’d like to read.

The Horrible Trip to Goa

This is the part two of “The Horrible trip to Goa”


If you haven’t t read the part-1 yet, then here is the link given below. Click and read the 1st part:

Plot of the story

Sanjay calls his friend Ritesh who is working in a travel and tour agency. He asked him to book their trip to goa. And he also asked him to book a haunting spot to stay. Sanjay is a hodophile, who loves to explore different places. This became an a very horrifying incident of their life they never thought of.

Sanjay: Hey! Ritesh, how are you? ( on phone)

Ritesh: I’m good. What about you? It has been so long we didn’t talk. Emm… I see you’re so busy that you don’t have enough time to call me yah!

Sanjay: Oh!! It’s not like that my love. Actually, I was busy in doing a project on ‘paranormal activity’. Going to different places I didn’t got the right spot for it to see what happens in such places.

Ritesh: Oh! Seriously, you’re doing projects on such a horrible thing. Well, it’s quite fascinating..but it can be terrifying at the same time. Do you believe in the existence of spirits and witch?

Sanjay: Ha..haa… Oh! My God..

Ritesh: Hey! What happened? Why you’re cackling a lot?

Sanjay: hee… Okay! Ritesh…why you are so serious? I mean you are behaving like a kid. Well, my dear I had did deep research on the same. But I never felt the presence of soul and I don’t believe in that. This is just a myth…

Ritesh: No…brother. It’s not a myth. Actually, you haven’t felt it that’s why you are confessing. But I have felt it.

Sanjay: oh! God

Ritesh: 3 years ago I went for a meeting in goa, there I searched a hotel to stay and got one of those haunting hotel that I never thought of. I was literally very scared of that lady.

She has long hairs touching her feets. I initially got attracted to her, beside her long hairs she has a milky skin tone and a very gorgeous face. We both use to spend our time together and I got a feeling for her.On the 8th day I went to her room to talk for having dinner together, whenever I remember that I got goosebumps all over my body. I’ve got all the truth of that lady when she turned into a beldam. She opened her hair and yelling to spirits for extending her life and beauty. I was very scared and decided to run out from there. But I don’t know how she get this. She was just outside the door. The moment I taken my first step, she came with her haunting face in front of me. I screamed suddenly. Then I moved back inside the hotel and locked myself but that beldam was just back to me.

She hold my hand and order me to stay with her. Because she wants to immolate me to spirits for her life and beauty. I was thinking that I’m very close to death. On the next day she has to immolate me. The whole night I was weeping deep. Then I thought to search things that can help me but I didn’t got anything. Then I decided to kill that beldam.

I was just near to her room and I found one thing, there was a doll nearby her room which is exactly looks alike the beldam. I grabbed the doll and walked away towards the kitchen area. I got a matchbox there and burned the doll. That in turn burned the beldam. I heard scearming from beldam’s room. And I escape out from there. That’s the story of my life. So that’s the reason why I do believe in spirits and beldam.

Sanjay: Great…. It was a very fascinating story. Then why don’t you write books about spirits and witch. Haha….haha…

Ritesh: okay dude leave it.. You don’t trust me. So tell me where you want go, so that I can reserve flights and hotel for you.

Sanjay: “Same spot”…where you visited 3years ago.

Ritesh: what?…….

Sanjay: yes

Ritesh: are you serious? I can’t do that.

Sanjay: okay then, it was waste to call you. You’re not the same as you’re earlier. You changed.

Ritesh: hey bro! Why you’re not taking it seriously? But I would suggest you to go any other places to enjoy then why you choosing this spot.

Sanjay: You know what my charm… I’m doing a project on the same. So it will be a right place for us to do research on the topic “paranormal activities”.

Ritesh: okay, then. Wait I’m searching flights and hotel for you. Okay, Sanjay I will call you back shortly.

Sanjay: thanks bro.

Jackie: Sanjay… What did he said? He will book the trip for us or not?..

Sanjay: Ya.. He searching for it.

Ritesh(called Sanjay): Well.. I’ve booked your trip and emailed you. You have a flight two days later.

Sanjay: Thank you u so much… Ritesh…

Ritesh: You’re welcome. But remember one think if you found yourself in the same condition as I was 3 years ago. There is a church at the distance of half kilometers from the hotel there you can go and protect yourself from spirits and beldam both.

Sanjay: ok..ya..ya. I’ve got the tickets. Thank you.

Ritesh: Ok.. Bye. Have a nice trip my friend.

Sanjay: Thanks

The next part will be published very soon. Stay connected.

Hope that you enjoyed the content.

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The Horrible Trip to Goa


Plot of the story

Arnabh, Sanjay and Jackie were three college friends, living together in an apartment at Delhi. They were working on a college project. Sanjay finds himself quiet disturbed due to lot of pressure, so he was planning for a trip to goa.

This is the part one of the story

Sanjay: Ah! I’m exhausted out of this project, I want to go out. Jackie… Arnabh… let’s go for a trip in goa.

Arnabh: Are serious? We had a project to submit by next month dear and exams are on the head. You forgot. Please don’t create the humour at least.

Sanjay: No dear. I’m not jesting. I’m very serious about this. You know what, I’m exhausted with this irritating project and need some refreshment time. And I think one week will be enough to give ourselves a rest. Jackie.. What do you think?

Jackie: yah! It’s a great idea. But the only problem is , we don’t have enough time for trips right now.

Sanjay: guys! why don’t you understand the need of refreshment? I think it will instead going to power up our performance. Don’t you think? And we can do our project there as well by managing our time. Please… response quickly. I’m waiting for the word ‘yes’. It will be an adventure, if we go there.

Jackie: okay, fine..we’re are ready now. Emh! Arnabh… I think he is right, we should go for it and we can continue our project there.

Arnabh: but.. tell me one thing, where we’ll stay for one week?

Sanjay: oh! dear, you don’t have to worry about it, I’ll manage. One of mine friend ‘Ritesh’ working in a travel agency, he will help us out there.

Arnabh: Okay then. Now please be silent for a while and let me continue the project, so that I can finish it as soon as it possible.

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Next part will be published soon.

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