The Horrible Trip to Goa


Plot of the story

Arnabh, Sanjay and Jackie were three college friends, living together in an apartment at Delhi. They were working on a college project. Sanjay finds himself quiet disturbed due to lot of pressure, so he was planning for a trip to goa.

This is the part one of the story

Sanjay: Ah! I’m exhausted out of this project, I want to go out. Jackie… Arnabh… let’s go for a trip in goa.

Arnabh: Are serious? We had a project to submit by next month dear and exams are on the head. You forgot. Please don’t create the humour at least.

Sanjay: No dear. I’m not jesting. I’m very serious about this. You know what, I’m exhausted with this irritating project and need some refreshment time. And I think one week will be enough to give ourselves a rest. Jackie.. What do you think?

Jackie: yah! It’s a great idea. But the only problem is , we don’t have enough time for trips right now.

Sanjay: guys! why don’t you understand the need of refreshment? I think it will instead going to power up our performance. Don’t you think? And we can do our project there as well by managing our time. Please… response quickly. I’m waiting for the word ‘yes’. It will be an adventure, if we go there.

Jackie: okay, fine..we’re are ready now. Emh! Arnabh… I think he is right, we should go for it and we can continue our project there.

Arnabh: but.. tell me one thing, where we’ll stay for one week?

Sanjay: oh! dear, you don’t have to worry about it, I’ll manage. One of mine friend ‘Ritesh’ working in a travel agency, he will help us out there.

Arnabh: Okay then. Now please be silent for a while and let me continue the project, so that I can finish it as soon as it possible.

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Next part will be published soon.

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