The Horrible Trip to Goa

This is the part two of “The Horrible trip to Goa”


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Plot of the story

Sanjay calls his friend Ritesh who is working in a travel and tour agency. He asked him to book their trip to goa. And he also asked him to book a haunting spot to stay. Sanjay is a hodophile, who loves to explore different places. This became an a very horrifying incident of their life they never thought of.

Sanjay: Hey! Ritesh, how are you? ( on phone)

Ritesh: I’m good. What about you? It has been so long we didn’t talk. Emm… I see you’re so busy that you don’t have enough time to call me yah!

Sanjay: Oh!! It’s not like that my love. Actually, I was busy in doing a project on ‘paranormal activity’. Going to different places I didn’t got the right spot for it to see what happens in such places.

Ritesh: Oh! Seriously, you’re doing projects on such a horrible thing. Well, it’s quite fascinating..but it can be terrifying at the same time. Do you believe in the existence of spirits and witch?

Sanjay: Ha..haa… Oh! My God..

Ritesh: Hey! What happened? Why you’re cackling a lot?

Sanjay: hee… Okay! Ritesh…why you are so serious? I mean you are behaving like a kid. Well, my dear I had did deep research on the same. But I never felt the presence of soul and I don’t believe in that. This is just a myth…

Ritesh: No…brother. It’s not a myth. Actually, you haven’t felt it that’s why you are confessing. But I have felt it.

Sanjay: oh! God

Ritesh: 3 years ago I went for a meeting in goa, there I searched a hotel to stay and got one of those haunting hotel that I never thought of. I was literally very scared of that lady.

She has long hairs touching her feets. I initially got attracted to her, beside her long hairs she has a milky skin tone and a very gorgeous face. We both use to spend our time together and I got a feeling for her.On the 8th day I went to her room to talk for having dinner together, whenever I remember that I got goosebumps all over my body. I’ve got all the truth of that lady when she turned into a beldam. She opened her hair and yelling to spirits for extending her life and beauty. I was very scared and decided to run out from there. But I don’t know how she get this. She was just outside the door. The moment I taken my first step, she came with her haunting face in front of me. I screamed suddenly. Then I moved back inside the hotel and locked myself but that beldam was just back to me.

She hold my hand and order me to stay with her. Because she wants to immolate me to spirits for her life and beauty. I was thinking that I’m very close to death. On the next day she has to immolate me. The whole night I was weeping deep. Then I thought to search things that can help me but I didn’t got anything. Then I decided to kill that beldam.

I was just near to her room and I found one thing, there was a doll nearby her room which is exactly looks alike the beldam. I grabbed the doll and walked away towards the kitchen area. I got a matchbox there and burned the doll. That in turn burned the beldam. I heard scearming from beldam’s room. And I escape out from there. That’s the story of my life. So that’s the reason why I do believe in spirits and beldam.

Sanjay: Great…. It was a very fascinating story. Then why don’t you write books about spirits and witch. Haha….haha…

Ritesh: okay dude leave it.. You don’t trust me. So tell me where you want go, so that I can reserve flights and hotel for you.

Sanjay: “Same spot”…where you visited 3years ago.

Ritesh: what?…….

Sanjay: yes

Ritesh: are you serious? I can’t do that.

Sanjay: okay then, it was waste to call you. You’re not the same as you’re earlier. You changed.

Ritesh: hey bro! Why you’re not taking it seriously? But I would suggest you to go any other places to enjoy then why you choosing this spot.

Sanjay: You know what my charm… I’m doing a project on the same. So it will be a right place for us to do research on the topic “paranormal activities”.

Ritesh: okay, then. Wait I’m searching flights and hotel for you. Okay, Sanjay I will call you back shortly.

Sanjay: thanks bro.

Jackie: Sanjay… What did he said? He will book the trip for us or not?..

Sanjay: Ya.. He searching for it.

Ritesh(called Sanjay): Well.. I’ve booked your trip and emailed you. You have a flight two days later.

Sanjay: Thank you u so much… Ritesh…

Ritesh: You’re welcome. But remember one think if you found yourself in the same condition as I was 3 years ago. There is a church at the distance of half kilometers from the hotel there you can go and protect yourself from spirits and beldam both.

Sanjay: ok..ya..ya. I’ve got the tickets. Thank you.

Ritesh: Ok.. Bye. Have a nice trip my friend.

Sanjay: Thanks

The next part will be published very soon. Stay connected.

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