The Horrible Trip to Goa(part-3)

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Plot: Two days later, they have a flight to goa. Everything was pretty good just before the entry to that haunted hotel. They were enjoying the views of goa. Sanjay was so excited to see the truth of Ritesh’s story, if his story is true then there might be some unusual things to happen there and he can feel that unusuality as a paranormalist whether there exit any beldam and spirits or not. The scene turned out to a disaster.

Let’s see what happens next:

On the day of their flight

(After all the process done, they were discussing about the stuffs required for their research)

Sanjay: guys…have you packed everything thing….like camera and laptop. Because we have to continue our project there.

Jackie and Arnabh: ya…ya… We have packed everything. You don’t worry.

Jackie: Arnabh…. Arnabh… What happen to you? Why are you so stressed? Is that everything ok with you, my friend…

Arnabh: No…no.. Everything is fine.

Sanjay: Arnabh.. Plz tell us! what happened to you. You’re not sounding ok.

Arnabh: well! I’m little worried about my exams. I’ve got very low CGPA in my previous year. I thought this time I will give my 100% to studies. I will make my parents proud of me but this seem a little difficult to me now.

But you know what guys, I thanks to both of you for supporting me and making every single concept clear and simple for me that I didn’t get.

For me, it was very difficult to understand the hard concept of paranormal science, specially when you belongs to a rural area where, there is no facilities, no support, no money and no tutions.

Sorry…Sanjay to say you this that I think you’re stepping to a wrong way. I think we should believe.. “what did Ritesh said”, has something to have a trust at least.
I don’t know why you don’t trust your friend, whom you know from childhood.

Sanjay: No… Bro.. You don’t need to be sorry for that. I respect what you think for me. Arnabh.. I appreciate your hardwork by heart my friend. I know it was very difficult to you, to understand the concepts of paranormal science earlier when you were very new to this, but it has been two years of our academic and now you’re not that the same Arnabh, the introvert, unconfident and ignorant. Now you are able to understand and learn things by your own. And one more thing to tell you… Brother what you’re doing?.. what you’re going to become few years back?.. Well, I think you want to become a paranormalist for sure. But, what if you don’t have the experience? Then what?…

For becoming the part of paranormal activity you must have some experience.

And you said, I don’t trust Ritesh.. It’s not that true. I ignored his story to trust just because to book our trip only otherwise he would not like to book our trip as he don’t wanted us to go there.

Jackie: Arnabh.. He is absolutely right. We must have some experience to paranormal activities. And that place is just perfect for us to do research on the same. Don’t you think so?

Arnabh( in a deep tone): yes.. Jackie. Sorry, Sanjay for the blame I putted on you. Now I will do the best, buddy…

Sanjay: yey… that’s alright bro. I know you’ll do that.

(After few minutes their flight landed on goa)

The next part will be published very soon. Stay connected with me.

I’d like to thanks every single person who liked my story. This appreciate me to do much more better.

Hope this story didn’t bored you. If you have any suggestions, plz.. comment here, I’d like to read.

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